Are you looking for innovative solutions for the medical industry?

At AIMPLAS, you’ll find all the technological support you need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by biopolymers:

  • Development of new biopolymers to help solve health-related problems, including scale-up to pilot plant level.
  • New systems for tumour detection and diagnosis.
  • Controlled drug release.
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials with therapeutic and diagnostic functions.
  • Synthesis of biocompatible, customizable biopolymers and bioadhesives, including hydrogels.
  • 3D design and printing of biological systems for prostheses and implants, and to simulate damaged structures.
  • Surface modifications for antimicrobial, ultrahydrophobic, antifouling and omniphobic treatments.
  • Application of sensors and smart electronic materials. Plastronics.
  • Pharmaceutical compounding.

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