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'How to turn Circular Economy
into an opportunity for your company'

The circular economy and the plastic strategy will lead to changes in the plastics industry. It is important for companies to be aware of this change of model and to start taking steps in line with the outlined strategy as soon as possible.

In this e-book, we present eight opportunities that you can use to apply the circular economy to your business model.


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Circular Economy

Find out what the Circular Economy is, what it involves for the plastics industry and how you can anticipate changes and turn them into an opportunity for your company.

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How can AIMPLAS help you?

  Eco-design your products
  Use plastic materials from renewable sources
  Optimize your production processes
  Ensure that your products are recyclable
  Look at opportunities for industrial symbiosis
  Obtain an eco-label for your recycled material or products
  Use recycled plastic materials
  Certify your plastic-waste treatment facilities