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The use of plastic materials has led to an endless number of advances in medicine, but there’s still a long way to go. Biopolymers offer many opportunities for revolutionizing the healthcare industry. In this e-book, we tell you what they are and their different areas of application. We also provide some examples of innovative developments.


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At AIMPLAS, we offer comprehensive support to help you take advantage of the opportunities arising from the application of biopolymers in the medical industry.

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  Development of new biopolymers to help solve health-related problems
  Surface modifications for antimicrobial, ultrahydrophobic, antifouling and omniphobic treatments
  3D design and printing of biological systems for prostheses and implants, and to simulate damaged structures
  Pharmaceutical compounding
  Application of sensors and smart electronic materials. Plastronics
  Synthesis of nanomaterials with therapeutic and diagnostic functions